Shape your body into what you have always wanted with the all-new FDA-cleared non-invasive Strawberry Laser. The Strawberry Laser Lipo System provides inch loss with the very first treatment, motivating you to stay on track. Best of all, it’s non-invasive, won’t cause any pain, and there’s no downtime for recovery.

The Strawberry Laser Lipo System utilizes low-level (cold) laser technology to painlessly melt fat. The laser targets fat cells by applying paddles to your skin which then liquefies the fat. The fat is released from the cells and processed naturally through the lymphatic system. Strawberry Laser Lipo System works in much the same fashion as exercise, by pulling the triglycerides from the fat cells.

The process of fatty acid release is how the body uses the stored energy reserves, thus making the  treatment a natural process.  This results in millions of fat cells becoming smaller so inches are reduced off the waist, hips and thighs. The fat cells are not injured in any way, nor are any blood vessels, nerves or surrounding tissue.

You will see a measurable loss with each treatment. Cumulative treatments are much more impressive and noticeable. Coupled with a healthy lifestyle, this can be your permanent solution to your stubborn fat areas. Maintaining a healthy diet through one of our diet programs and exercise will maximize your results.

In addition using the Strawberry Laser Lipo System in conjunction with the Whole Body Vibration device, greater inch loss is achieved. The lymphatic system drains at an even faster rate. An average 10 to 20 minute treatment results in an average loss of 1.6 inches of fat per session.

– Painless and non-invasive
– No recovery time
– Immediate return to activities
– Immediately effective with measureable results
– As little as 10 minute treatment time per problem area